Welcome to NANNYcare

We specialise in goat milk based nutrition for babies and young children. We are passionate about the quality and safety of our products and their particular suitability for infants and toddlers.

UK’s first goat milk infant formula

We are particularly proud to be able to present our infant formula product as the UK’s first goat milk infant formula. NANNYcare First infant milk provides a real alternative to mainstream infant formula brands which are all based on cow’s milk.

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Only goat milk formula proven and endorsed by clinical trial

NANNYcare is the only goat milk formula worldwide to have been tested extensively in randomised double-blind clinical trials (1 - Grant et al 2005, 2 - Zhou et al 2014). The results led to the recent amendment to the EU and UK Regulations to finally recognise goat milk as a suitable base in infant formula.

Our heritage

Our manufacturer was the originator and inventor of goat milk formula more than 30 years ago in New Zealand. The NANNYcare formulations already have a well-established and proven 25 year track record of success in more than 20 countries worldwide.