ASDA to make NANNYcare available in even more stores

Following the successful launch of NANNYcare in 55 stores earlier in the year, Asda is increasing the number of its stores that stock the range to 186 in November.  NANNYcare products are also now available to order online through Asda’s website >.  If you would like to find out if NANNYcare is in a store near you, email us at  

NANNYcare now available in Sainsbury’s

We are delighted to announce that NANNYcare is now available in almost 200 Sainsbury’s stores across the country and also through its website >. The range includes the convenient 400g size First Infant Milk.  If you would like to find out if NANNYcare is in a store near you, or require general help finding a stockist, email us at  


The Pharmacist Award.jpg

NANNYcare Wins ‘Best Infant Nutrition Provider of the Year’ Award at The 2016 Pharmacist Awards

Claire Magee, Founder of NANNYcare, the UK’s original and leading goat milk formula brand, was delighted to accept the prestigious ‘Best Infant Nutrition Provider of the Year’ Award, on behalf of the company.

The Awards which are run by The Pharmacist, one of the UK’s leading pharmacy magazines, are voted for by independent pharmacists, and set out to recognise and commend forward thinking product innovation and excellence. 

The Award is hugely significant as it underlines the growing demand for real choice in the infant formula market amongst parents and the valuable role pharmacists play in supporting new mums and dads.  

Commenting on the Award, NANNYcare Founder Claire Magee said, “Having achieved our initial challenge of amending the EU regulations, we want to encourage more pharmacists to recognise the opportunity NANNYcare offers. In situations where babies aren’t settling or have minor digestive issues, parents are more likely to seek out the advice of their pharmacist.  This is where NANNYcare can step in and offer a genuinely different option, while offering the bonus of having a significantly longer than usual shelf-life of 30 months.”

NANNYcare milks are now available at

Some more great news for our customers. NANNYcare products can now be ordered through  For further details click here >

NANNYcare milks now available in ASDA

We’re thrilled to announce that major retailer ASDA is now selling NANNYcare products in 55 of its stores countrywide. If you would like to find out if it is in a store near you, email us at  

Parent power puts NANNYcare Follow on milk into the TOP 10 Baby Food Category

We were thrilled to find out that parents’ votes put NANNYcare Follow on and Growing up milks into the TOP 10 Baby Food Category for the 2015/16 edition of the Top 100 Baby Products Guide, launched at the Baby show in Olympia last weekend. UK parents had been asked to vote for their favourite baby products via focus groups, birth & health centres, baby shows, nurseries and social media. The Guide was put together to help other Mums & Dads choose from the sometimes overwhelming range of baby products on offer. The TOP100 status for NANNYcare and all the other great products voted for, lasts for a full 12 months!

Top 100 BABY Products | Voted for by parents!

Check it out by either subscribing to their mailing list or visit

Claire meets Caprice!

The first Little London Awards were presented last night in front of a glittering crowd at The Hurlingham Club. It was a Who’s Who of the best baby and toddler brands and proved to be a very exciting night for Claire, our MD. As well as NANNYcare Follow on milk being short-listed for ‘Best Product’ award, she was taken by the Baby London editor to be specially introduced to presenter Caprice Bourret, model, TV personality, founder of By Caprice products and one of the Little London judges. Caprice told Claire that she’s a huge NANNYcare fan, apparently her two boys love, love, love their NANNYcare Growing up milk and have it twice a day – calling for their “Milky, milk, milky!!” Caprice and Claire had their picture taken together, and when Claire thanked Caprice for the chat and the picture, Caprice said: “NO. NO. NO, THANK YOU!!” It’s always good to hear how much NANNYcare milks are appreciated & enjoyed!


Our full range has now been launched with the addition of two new products and a ‘refreshed’ new look!  

The NEW full range of NANNYcare products

The NEW full range of NANNYcare products

Regular NANNYcare users will be pleased to see that we’ve kept our iconic label design with a slight update to help you choose the right formula for your little ones. The range is now labelled for Stages 1, 2 and 3.

1  First infant milk  For 0-12 months, available in 400g and 900g tins 

2  Follow on milk  For 6-12 months, available in 900g tins

3Growing up milk  From 1-3 years, available in 400g and 900g tins

…plus latest news on Growing up Milk - we’d originally planned to phase out our 400g tin Growing up milk with the introduction of the 900g tin but due to popular demand we’re bringing it back. Some sellers may be out of stock for a short while but we should be back to full stock levels again by the end of January. In the meantime Growing up milk is widely available in the new 900g tin size.

Legislation amendment

Following on from news earlier this year (our news bulletin March 2014 – see below) that clinical trials with the NANNYcare product have directly led to an amendment to the EU and UK legislation to recognise goat milk as a suitable base for infant formula, our previous ‘NANNYcare Goat Milk Nutrition’ product is now on shelves labelled ‘NANNYcare First Infant Milk’ (0-12 months).

During the transition period, BOTH PRODUCTS ARE IN CIRCULATION.  We can assure health professionals and parents that these two products are identical. Both contain NANNYcare First infant milk and are both suitable from birth to 12 months.

If assistance is needed, please contact our Helpline on 0800 328 5826.

Please note that the NANNYcare formulation is the only goat milk formula worldwide to be proven and endorsed by double-blind randomised clinical trials



From end October 2014 and the implementation of the new range, our labels will no longer carry the claim 'suitable for vegetarians'.

This is because of the added lactose in the products and difficulty in sourcing non-animal rennet down-the-chain in the manufacture of the ingredient. This is an industry-wide issue. We would of course have wished to maintain the statement on our labels if possible but unfortunately this would impose constraints on ingredient sourcing with regard to the lactose which unfortunately are not sustainable.


NANNYcare trial published in the “British Journal Nutrition”

We are very pleased to announce that the randomised double-blind control trial with the NANNYcare formulation that directly led to the amendment to the EU & UK Regulations has just been published in the paediatric scientific medical publication “The British Journal of Nutrition”.



European Directive amended due to NANNYcare trial…

We are proud to announce that following on from two double-blind randomised control trials with the NANNYcare formulation and two submissions made to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), we have finally been successful in achieving an amendment to the European infant and follow on Directive to recognise and include goat milk as a suitable base in infant formula. This amendment has now also been made law in the UK.  More >

No safety issue

Prior to this amendment, our infant formula product despite being sold widely outside Europe as a fully legislated infant formula could only be labelled in the UK, as a fortified milk i.e. as ‘NANNYcare Goat Milk Nutrition’.  We would like to clarify any confusing messages on the internet. This was at no point due to any safety or composition issues. Simply, when the EU infant formula Directive was drafted in the late 1980s, goat milk formula did not exist in Europe at that time and the Directive was drafted to recognise ‘cow’ and ‘soy’ milks only as a base in infant formula.

NANNYcare formula approved for use outside Europe for over 25 year in more than 20 countries

Although goat milk formulas are only recently approved for infants in Europe, the NANNYcare formulation has been approved for use and fully legislated for over twenty-five years in more than 20 countries outside Europe including Australia and New Zealand.  NANNYcare is now finally recognised in the UK and Europe for what in fact it has always been, a nutritionally complete breast milk substitute, which is suitable from birth.