As safe and proven as cow's milk formula, giving parents a genuine choice.

  • Our UK heritage.
    Most mainstream formula brands are based on cow’s milk. Nannycare goat milk formula gives parents a genuinely different choice, yet is as safe and proven as cow’s milk formula.
  • Our history.
    Nannycare was started 27 years ago by Claire Magee, who set out on a journey to have goat milk formula recognised in the UK and Europe as nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk formula. Claire continues to lead her team at Nannycare today.
  • The UK’s first.
    Clinically Approved
    We are proud to say that we helped ensure that goat milk is now included in UK and EU legislation. The regulation was finally amended in 2014, giving goat milk formula equal status to cow’s milk formula and Nannycare its place as the leading goat milk formula in the UK.
  • Our ethos.
    Our goat milk formula is based on whole goat milk and contains all the important and vital nutritional ingredients required by legislation, yet is simply made with minimal processing. It has a creamy, mild taste that babies love.
  • Caring at heart.
    You care. We care.
    Carefully handled, each batch of our formula is sensory tested to ensure a fresh, clean flavour without the aroma or taste often associated with goat milk. With our ethos of caring and our decades of experience, we understand how to make sure that Nannycare goat milk based formula provides a genuine choice for parents.