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Caring for over 25 years


We wanted to make a difference

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In the beginning…

In the early 1990’s, we chanced across the world’s first goat milk-based formula for babies in New Zealand. It was a unique product and whilst, of course, we understood that breast feeding is best for babies and did not want to detract from that, we believed that Mums deserved a genuine choice rather than being restricted to cow’s milk-based options only.

And that inspiration gave birth to the Nannycare brand!

Why goat milk mattered…

An obvious choice…

There were some striking reasons why goat milk seemed the more obvious choice over cow’s milk.

While both milks are nutritionally close, goat milk has certain similarities to the gold standard of breast milk. It forms naturally soft curds¹ in the baby’s tummy making it a soft and gentle milk. It also has higher natural levels of nucleotides, taurine and free amino acids (than cow’s milk), closer to the levels in breast milk².

Used outside Europe…

Goat milk is one of the oldest sources of human nutrition and over history was often turned to if breast feeding was not available. But when infant formulas were first developed, they were largely made from cow’s milk, apparently only because its wide availability. By the 1990’s goat milk-based formulas were readily accepted in many countries outside Europe – but in Europe and the UK, legislation restricted choice to cow’s milk-based options only.

Supported by science…

We passionately believed it was important the goat milk choice was made available to UK Mums. We spent decades investing in research and clinical trials 3 4 5 to bring about a change in EU & UK legislation and eventually succeeded in March 2014. And we didn’t stop there, we continue to invest in goat milk formula research.

Baby Goat

For a happy baby, happy mum, happy family

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Fuelled by parents…

It has been the tireless efforts of the Nannycare team and the passionate support of the families who have used our milk over the years that have helped us achieve this and make Nannycare into the UK’s number one Goat Milk Formula today.

Still family-owned

Nannycare is still a family-owned business with a caring and passionate team. Our values still sit at the heart of everything we do…

Authentic, Fun, Caring, Heartfelt

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