Most mainstream brands of infant formula are based on skimmed milk and added whey.
Nannycare infant formula is based on whole goat milk.
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Processing comparison.

Standard whey adjusted formula goes through complex processing stages including separating milk proteins, adding in extra whey and replacing milk fat with modified vegetable oils.
Nannycare formulas are simply made, without unnecessary ingredients, or any need to add extra whey.
  • Suitability for infants has been scientifically proven by clinical studies1
  • Contains all the vital nutritional ingredients to meet regulatory requirements
  • Goat milk is an excellent source of high quality proteins, believed to be known for their easy digestibility
  • Optimal protein levels lower the risk of obesity in later life2
  • Decades of experience and a mild, creamy taste contributes to satisfied babies
You should always refer to your healthcare professional before switching and please note that goat milk based formulas should not be given to infants with a cow’s milk protein allergy unless directed by a healthcare professional.

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2(Koletzko et al. 2009)