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Soft and gentle on tiny tummies

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We believe goat milk is the best base for formula

It is soft and gentle on baby’s tiny tummy because the goat milk curds formed are softer than those formed by cow’s milk.¹


Curd in goat milk Vs cow milk
Curd in goat milk Vs cow milk

Less processing for more natural goodness

Because your baby is delicate, we use gentle processing and minimal heat, avoiding non-essential ingredients.

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Nanny Care formula Process

We focus on the quality of the goat milk base

New Zealand transports you to a magical place with farming excellence
Two Goats

Our Nannycare goat milk is produced by a Co-operative of 71 farmers whose farms are in some of New Zealand’s richest pastures.

Their sole focus is to produce the very best quality milk solely for use in baby formula. With careful handling and gentle transportation, taking great care to maintain the nutritional integrity of the milk, Nannycare formulas are made in a world class facility which was purpose-built solely for manufacturing goat milk formula.

Be assured

That all the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients are included to support your baby’s healthy growth and development.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

To support the normal function of the immune system

No Palm Oil

No Palm Oil

Made without palm oil

Natural oligosaccharides

Natural oligosaccharides

Naturally present at 10x the level in cows milk 2

Scientifically proven

Scientifically proven

Supported by multiple clinical trials³



Contains DHA (Omega 3 LCPS) as required by the legislation for all infant formula

Mums love it! Proven in taste trials

Tastes great! In fact, taste trials in 5 European countries showed most mothers ‘Preferred the pleasant taste over the market leaders’!

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²Thum et al 2015; Martinez-Ferez et al. 2006.

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Nutritionally tailored