Gently made to preserve natural nutrients

The process for converting pure whole goat milk into a safe and exceptional formula needs to be a gentle and minimal one. It’s our mission to protect the natural integrity of our goat milk in our formulas and preserve its natural nutrients.

Gentle & minimal processing

Nannycare goat milk processing vs whey adjusted formula processing

We take what nature made, keep it whole, intact and safe, adding only the other essential ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of babies and toddlers.

Using our own whole goat milk and avoiding the addition of whey powders, which are unnecessary in goat milk formula, we avoid many of the processing steps and multiple heat cycles used in standard whey-based formulas.

Our gentle, minimal processing is all done at our specialised goat milk formula plant. You can be sure, no cow’s milk formula is made there.

The result is a baby milk made from full cream, whole goat milk, gently made and closer to its natural source.

No unnecessary added whey powder

Comparison of β-lactoglobulin in goat milk vs cows milk

Our gentle minimal processing is helped by avoiding the additional of whey powder, found to be unnecessary in goat milk formula. Often called ‘whey adjustment’, the addition of whey powder in processing is beneficial for cow’s milk formula because whey softens its firmer curds. Goat milk curds however are naturally softer, smaller and fall apart more easily than those formed by cow’s milk¹, and there is no evidence of any benefit in adding whey to goat milk formula. 

The addition of whey powders in goat milk formula also results in up to 3 times more β-lactoglobulin, a protein which does not exist in human milk and is a known allergen². 

Our non-whey adjusted goat milk formulation is proven in clinical trials³ and supported a change in the UK regulations in 2014.

Whole milk, including natural milk fat

Natural milk fat in whole goat milk vs skimmed milk

Our formulas are made with whole milk which contains milk fat globules, surrounded by a Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) which naturally occurs in breast milk fat. For this reason, the use of the milk fat naturally present in our whole goat milk makes sense to us rather than using skimmed milk. Not only does it help make our minimal gentle processing possible, it also significantly reduces the amount of vegetable oils that must be added to achieve the total fat level required by law. 

You can be sure Nannycare does not use skimmed milk or added whey powder. Full cream, whole goat milk is our No.1 ingredient. 

Our passion is to use nature’s gifts with care and respect to bring you a closer to nature baby and toddler milk.