Our baby formulas are based on the highest quality, creamy, whole goat milk that babies love.

We choose the finest, pure whole goat milk as the protein base for our formulas, retaining as far as possible the milk’s natural goodness. We add vital ingredients to meet regulatory levels, avoiding unnecessary additions. With a heritage of 27 years, our caring philosophy is fundamental to our business as pioneers in our journey to have goat milk recognised for use in baby formula in the UK, as it is in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly best for babies, but we’re proud to say our nutritionally complete infant formula is clinically tested, regulated, safe and approved under UK and EU legislation, to provide parents with genuine, proven choice.

  • Simply Made
    By using whole goat milk which includes the milk fat, simply processed with minimal heat, our formula has sufficient quantities of all essential and semi-essential amino acids, without adding extra whey*

    *Rutherford et al 2006

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    Following clinical trials with Nannycare goat milk-based formula in 2014, and submissions to the EFSA, our infant formula is now approved by EU and UK legislation and recognized as a nutritionally equivalent alternative to cow’s or soy-based formulas*

    *Directive 2006/141 (EC) and equivalent UK legislation

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  • Mild and Creamy Taste
    The natural goodness of goat milk is an excellent base for infant and follow-on formula, providing high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. We ensure it tastes mild and creamy too, without the aroma often associated with goat milk, so babies love its delicate flavour.
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  • Why Goat Milk?
    There are similarities between goat milk and cow’s milk, but also differences in the protein and fat. In the event of minor feeding issues or baby not settling on cow’s milk formula, it may be worth trying goat milk formula as an alternative*

    *Always refer to a healthcare professional before switching. FSA advice is that goat milk based formulas should not be given to infants with CMPA unless directed by an HCP.

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Our formulas.

  • First Infant Milk
    Goat milk based formula suitable for infants from birth.
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  • Follow On Milk
    Goat milk based formula especially developed to complement weaning from 6 months old.
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  • Growing Up Milk
    Growing up milk is a fortified goat milk drink suitable for children from 1 year old onwards.
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