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Less fussy, more content than cow follow on milk

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Goat milk natural qualities

Nannycare is a goat follow on milk gently made from whole goat milk. Compared to cow's milk, goat milk proteins are naturally softer¹ and contain 8x more oligosaccharides², natural prebiotics. Discover the science behind our goat milk.

our goat milk
nannycare goat based follow on milk nannycare goat based growing up milk
supported by clinical trials specially suited goat milk

Protecting natural nutrients

Gently made with our whole goat milk and no-compromise ingredients, it's gently processed for a follow on milk closer to its natural source. No unnecessary added whey powder which can result in up to 3 times more β-lactoglobulin, a protein which does not exist in breast milk and is a known allergen³. Reassuringly supported by clinical trials⁴ from the experts in goat milk science supporting your baby's health and development.

Gently Made
nannycare goat based growing up milk
co-operative family farm milk leaders in goat milk science
30 years of goat milk science from the

Goat Milk Experts


soft & gentle

Naturally softer proteins than cow’s milk¹



Reassuringly supported by clinical trials³



Natural milk fat from full cream goat milk



To protect natural nutrients

Ingredients we leave out

  • No skimmed milk

    only full cream, whole milk

  • No palm oil

    ever, in more than 30 years

  • No added whey powder

    not necessary and increases allergens

  • No maltodextrin

    a highly processed carbohydrate

  • No glucose syrups

    not now, not ever

  • No GMO's

    only non GMO ingredients

  • No maltodextrin

    a highly processed carbohydrate

  • No glucose syrups

    not now, not ever

  • No GMO's

    only non GMO ingredients

Your Top FAQ's

  • When should I choose Nannycare goat follow on milk?

    Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for your baby.

    Many parents choose Nannycare as a first option when they decide to move on from breastfeeding or are combination feeding. If you are already using cow's milk formula and your baby is unsettled with mild feeding issues, Nannycare goat milk formula may be a suitable alternative*. Please note: FSA advice is that goat milk formula is not suitable for babies with an established cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) unless directed by a Healthcare Professional.

    *Always refer to a Healthcare Professional before switching.

  • Why no added whey powder?

    Often called ‘whey adjustment’, the addition of whey powder in processing is needed to make cow’s milk formula because whey softens its firmer curds. Goat milk curds however are naturally softer, smaller and fall apart more easily than those formed by cow’s milk¹, so the addition of whey is not needed.

    The addition of whey powders in goat milk formula also results in up to 3 times more β-lactoglobulin, a protein which does not exist in human milk and is a known allergen³. 

    Our non-whey adjusted goat milk formulation is proven in clinical trials⁴ and supported a change in the UK regulations in 2014.

  • Why is Nannycare different?

    All Nannycare formulas are made from this 100% natural, full cream premium goat milk with the addition of important, vital ingredients (as required by legislation for all baby formula). There is no skimmed milk or whey in our formulas. Because of this they are less processed than standard whey based formulas with less heat treatment and fewer synthetic additions. We also avoid unnecessary optional ingredients, as these may place an extra burden on baby’s delicate developing system and we believe it’s better to keep it gentle for baby.

  • What does Nannycare goat follow on milk taste and smell like?

    Glad you asked! Babies love the mild and creamy taste of Nannycare. It smells great too! The delicate process we use protects our fresh goat milk and the best quality ingredients we use ensure a delicate aroma. In Nannycare taste trials across 5 European countries most mothers ‘preferred the pleasant taste over market leaders’.