Cow vs Goat Milk Formula

Which do Babies Enjoy More?

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Ever wondered if goat milk formula could be the secret to a happier, more content baby, compared with cow’s milk formula?

As the goat milk formula experts, we regularly run clinical trials to ensure our Nannycare Follow on is the best goat milk formula out there. This time we wanted to know if Nannycare really makes a difference to your little one’s enjoyment and satisfaction during feeds. Are Nannycare babies more content than babies fed cow’s milk formula? Let’s find out.

Are Nannycare babies really more content? 

64 babies (with no allergy) who had been fed cow’s milk formula were switched to a new formula for 4 weeks.  Half of the babies were given Nannycare goat milk formula and half of them cow’s milk formula. No one – not the parents, or even the research team, knew which formula the babies were being fed.

Researchers, at the start and finish of the four week trial, asked parents a number of questions about their baby’s quality of life; from their baby’s energy levels to their enjoyment of the milk to their interest in others.  The results revealed some fascinating differences between the two groups! 

Statistically significant differences!

It turns out, the study backs up what parents have been telling us for years, that Nannycare babies:

•    Are more enthusiastic about feeding time

•    Have a better appetite

•    Are more contented

•    Are less fussy 

•    And overall, had an improved quality of life than babies fed cow’s milk formula!


Nannycare goat milk Follow on is the real deal for happy, contented babies

This latest study proves that even when parents didn’t know which formula their baby is being fed, babies were more content, and less fussy, on Nannycare. 

Discover the secret to happy feeding. Your little one will thank you with big, gummy smiles! 🐐🍼

What Nannycare parents say:

“I switched him fully into the goats milk he instantly loves the taste. He is much happier. Loving his bottles more not fussy while drinking it. Hes a super happy baby.” – Amy Ireland

“After reading so many good reviews from people, I thought I would give it a go.  Tried a few different milks before reading about Nannycare The difference is astonishing!  She’s such a happy baby and now sleeps through the night happily waking for 1 or 2 feeds.  Thank you so much to Nannycare you’ve made my life much easier and happier.” – Georgie, Blackburn 

“We switched to Nannycare about 3 months ago now, and [now my son] is thriving. Best decision we made and I will forever recommend Nannycare to all parents. I only wish I knew about it when I had my daughter!” – Sanders, Newcastle

Important notice:

Breastfeeding is best. Follow on Milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not before 6 months. Talk to a healthcare professional.  Not suitable for cow’s milk protein allergy.

Reference: Jung et al., 2023


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