Our goat milk

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At the heart of our ethos is the quality of our goat milk and protecting its natural nutrients to bring you a formula closer to its natural source.

As specialists in goat milk, we know what it takes to make the best quality goat milk suited for baby and toddler milk because all goat milks are not the same. Unlike farms selling milk also for cheese, where a firm curd is needed, our milk comes only from our specialist farms producing goat milk exclusively for our making formula and follow on milk. All to ensure the soft curds that fall apart easily.

Every step is considered. From the selection of the goats, their grass and natural forage diet through to how we gently transport our Nannycare milk to protect its nutritional qualities.

Goat milk curds

Softer curds in goat vs cows milk

The different protein composition of cow’s milk and goat milk affects how milk breaks down in the tummy. In its natural state, goat milk curds are softer and smaller than those formed by cow’s milk¹. This is due to the higher levels of the Alpha S1 Casein in cows milk making the curds larger and firmer so they break down less easily¹. The softness of the curd can vary in goat milk, which is why we only use our own specially suited goat milk where the quality and consistency of the milk is designed and closely monitored only for use in our Nannycare baby milk.

Naturally diverse oligosaccharides

Goat milk naturally contains a high level of oligosaccharides when compared to cow's milk. Our Nannycare goat milk contains 8 times more oligosaccharides, natural prebiotic, with greater diversity² ³. Like all cow’s milk follow on milk, a goat milk formula like Nannycare provides all the nutrition required for growth and development to supplement your baby’s healthy diet.

When to choose a goat based follow on milk

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Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for your baby. 

Glad you asked! Many parents choose Nannycare as a first option when they decide to move on from breastfeeding or are combination feeding. If you are already using cow's milk formula and your baby is unsettled with mild feeding issues, Nannycare goat milk formula may be a suitable alternative*. Please note: FSA advice is that goat milk formula is not suitable for babies with an established cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) unless directed by a Healthcare Professional.

*Always refer to a Healthcare Professional before switching.

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Our passion is to use nature’s gifts with care and respect to bring you a closer to nature baby and toddler milk.