Natural and sustainable gifts

for babies and toddlers

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With Christmas fast approaching it's time for the 2023 Nannycare Christmas Gift guide, spotlighting eco, fair trade, and sustainable brands. We asked our favourite interior designer, stylist and photographer, Nancy Straughan for her favourites. Currently helping Santa to find gifts for her daughter, preparing for a new baby and a passion for natural and sustainable toys, we couldn't think of anyone better to ask. Over to you, Nancy...

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly vital, our choices as matter more than ever before. When it comes to our little ones, making sustainable choices can create a positive impact on both their development and the planet. One area where we can make a difference is when we buy gifts, especially at Christmas. 

Let's get started.

Little Aurelia Massage Oil

Give the gift of a restful nights sleep this Christmas, who doesn’t want that? Designed for babies and young children, Little Aurelia blends gentle yet effective botanical ingredients with soothing essential oils to calm and settle at bath time and before bed. Aurelia uses the purest, ethically sourced ingredients which are also formulated naturally for this lovely massage oil

OkoNorm Crayons

These beeswax crayon blocks by OkoNorm come in six beautiful colours and are manufactured using only natural ingredients; they are absolutely non-toxic and contain no petrochemical waxes. A perfect stocking filler gift if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly option.

Little Aurelia

Simple Folk Bonnet

This festive red bonnet from Simple Folk is made from the alpaca's first shear, making it incredibly soft, cosy, insulating, and sustainable. This piece was responsibly crafted in partnership with small, family-owned alpaca ranches and empowered local artisans, generating social and economic impact in the Bolivian Highlands.

Bright Corners Light

This tent light with the starry roof will definitely add some magic to a child’s bedroom. My daughter has the townhouse version of this lamp and we both love it. The design of Bright Corner’s lamps will work in a nursery all the way through to a school-aged children’s room. Bright Corner aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, their wood is from sustainable sources, they use fabric flex, LED bulbs and all of their packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

Simple Folk
Bright Corners

Dottie Maie Wooden Toys

Crafted from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and natural wood Dottie Maie's materials are renewable, biodegradable, and do not deplete precious natural resources. By choosing heirloom-style toys that can be treasured and passed on you can also reduce waste, this is a toy to keep for generations. Made from polished natural wood, with no harmful paint or varnish, making it safe for very young children.

Nin Dolls

These cute “Nins” are designed to encourage open-ended, imaginative play which inspires creativity and exploration. By engaging in imaginative play, children develop essential cognitive and social skills, laying the foundation for their future learning and growth. Grapat toys are made using locally sourced sustainable wood and finished with a water-based colour stain that is safe for children and will not chip away.

Dottie Maie

Board Books

A Natural World Board Books embody nature in both their illustrations and the way they are made. Explore the wonders of the pond, garden, ocean, or forest, encountering a diverse array of animals and plants. Children will love the gentle earth-tone illustrations beautifully presented on sturdy, 100% recycled board. These sustainable and eco-friendly books not only promote a love for nature but also inspire young readers to appreciate and cherish the environment.

Liewood Teether

Unlike their plastic counterparts, these teethers are built to withstand the test of time and the enthusiastic chewing of little gums and teeth. The design of this teether is easy to hold whilst being sturdy. Liewood firmly holds the belief that our little ones represent the future and so their toys minimise our impact on the planet, fostering a responsible and sustainable approach to shopping.

Mama Owl

Vinted & Charity Shops

Extend the lifecycle of toys, books and other baby items and buy preloved or second-hand. Buying from sites like Vinted or local charity shops helps in minimising the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of toys. Additionally, purchasing second-hand toys often comes at a fraction of the cost compared to buying brand-new items, making it a great budget-friendly option for families.

We really hope this blog post has been useful and even a little educational! Introducing your child to sustainable toys provides an opportunity to teach them about the importance of environmental responsibility. By explaining why you choose eco-friendly options, they learn the values of conservation and mindfulness from a young age, nurturing a generation that cares for the planet and its resources. 

Sustainable baby toys offer a myriad of benefits, from ensuring your child's safety to making a positive impact on the environment. By making conscious choices as consumers, we can shape a better world for our children to grow up in. So, let's play green and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future - one Christmas gift at a time.

Have a very joyful Christmas and New Year.

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Nancy Straughan a is stylist, and interior photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne where she lives with her husband and daughter. Follow Nancy and her gorgeous photography at @nancy_straughan.