Nourish Kids Awards

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The toughest health food awards in the UK

We’re thrilled to be winners in the Nourish Kids Awards 2022. Dubbed the UK’s toughest health food awards, Nourish are known for the toughest criteria and are judged by nutritionists, dieticians, food industry experts and professionals.

The Nourish Awards aim to respond to the growing awareness and need for healthy free-from alternatives. Nourish award winners must have sound nutrition, clean ingredients with functional benefits and respond to specific consumer needs with a great product.

Nannycare and the Nourish Awards

Alongside samples for the judges to taste we were sure to tell the judges of our whole milk formulation rather than the processed skimmed milk powders often used in baby milk. Our whole goat milk delivers 45% of the fat babies need from natural milk fat, significantly reducing the amount of vegetable oils (and no palm oil).

Alongside our ingredients our minimal, gentle processing also uses a single heat cycle to protect the natural nutrients and results in a product closer to its natural source.

Nannycare win Nourish Kids

The Nourish Kids awards are specific section in the awards with the same good nutrition and provide a healthy option or alternative with lower sugar, salt and processing. 

Both Nannycare Follow on Milk and Growing up Milk were Awarded silver in Food and Beverage categories. To date Nannycare is the only baby milk to be recognised by The Nourish Awards.

The first baby milk winner

As the first baby milk to win a Nourish Award we are very proud to be recognised for our work to give parents a less processed product of outstanding quality based natural ingredients. It is however important to remember that breast milk is the best source of nutrition and always preferable.

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