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We believe goat milk is the best base for making baby formula. For more than 30 years we've ensured families like yours have a genuine alternative to cow's milk. Our whole milk, goat milk formula is our sole focus, our passion, our expertise. Because when you choose a goat milk formula, your baby deserves nothing less.

Where it began

6 month old baby with Nannycare follow on milk

Goat milk is an ancient form of nutrition and very common across many countries in the world. In fact, even now, more goat milk is consumed globally than cow’s milk.

In the UK however, the industrialisation of cow’s milk dairy farming led to cow’s milk being the only widely available milk to put in your tea, on your breakfast cereal and when formula manufacturing began 100 years ago, it was assumed that we’d use cow’s milk for making formula too.

Parental choice was limited, and that wasn't OK with us.

Driving change

Toddler holing Nannycare growing up milk

That doesn’t mean cow’s milk was chosen because it was the best base for making formula, simply that cow’s milk and its by-prducts were widely available in the UK and Europe for manufacturers.

We believe however that goat milk is the best base and so began our mission to bring the best quality goat milk formula to British families back in 1991. Believing passionately in the natural qualities of goat milk, we created Nannycare to offer parents a genuine alternative to cow’s milk based formulas.

Achieving choice

Toddler outside with nannycare growing up milk

But for several decades formula legislation in the UK limited parent’s choice to cow’s milk options. Nannycare played a fundamental role in changing this ruling with our clinical trials. We were deeply passionate about achieving this change and delighted in 2014 when we succeeded. As a direct result, families across the EU & UK are now able to make an informed choice about their preferred follow on milk, cow or goat.

At Nannycare we are deeply passionate about cultivating this change, and spreading the word to parents that whilst breast milk is undoubtedly the best form of nutrition and no formula milk can compare, families deserve the best quality and choice in formula milk. This continues today with our pioneering science to lead innovation in goat milk and to bring parents a soft and gentle formula that's closer to nature.

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Leading the way, in goat milk formula and follow on milk, today and everyday

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