Recycling your Nannycare

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Nannycare recycling guide

There’s a lot of waste that comes along with raising a little one, and we don’t just mean the human variety! Every item seems to come cocooned in protective packaging and infant formula milk is no exception. Of course, you want your formula to arrive in fresh, hygienic, and in perfect condition. But you want also to dispose of your infant formula tin in an environmentally friendly way too. We hear you! We’ve working behind the scenes to ensure Nannycare formula can be widely recycled. So read on for our full guide to recycling your Nannycare baby formula tin.

Checking with your local council

Recycling in the UK & Ireland is managed by your local council. What can be recycled and where, does vary based on where you live. Our recycling guide gives you the most likely recycling options but please check the recycling section of your local Council website. Whether an item can go in your recycle bin, to a local Household Recycling Centre or somewhere else will depend on what available in your local area. Our top tip is the Recycle Now handy tool which gives you the nearest location where you can recycle a particular item.

Let’s get started.

The foil lid from your new Nannycare formula tin

The first item you’re likely to want to recycle is the foil seal that keeps your Nannycare formula fresh. This peel off protective lid is made from tin and much like a fizzy drinks can, it can go in your recycle bin.

FUN FACT: In the factory our tins are filled upside down. The bottom of the tin is in fact the last part to go on (not the first!).

Recycling the tin

When you’re at the end of the tin it’s time to recycle everything else. But before you do. Maybe let your little one play the drums or build a tower first. Ready to recycle? First a quick rinse to remove any residue left inside as this makes sure your tin won’t get rejected when it reaches the recycling plant. Like tins of beans and soups, the main Nannycare tin can be recycled in your household bin. Easy peasy!

The plastic seal lid

Once the hygiene foil seal is removed, the plastic lid protects your formula whilst it’s in use. Because it needs to be a flexible and also a snug fit, the lid is made from Low-Density Polyethylene and protects your infant formula from knocks and spillages. The lid has a Code 4 plastic recycling code which you can check on your council website. If you council accepts, bread bags, frozen food bags, bubble wrap etc. then they should accept your lid too. If not, your local Household Waste Recycling Centre may or enter your postcode on the Recycle Now handy tool for the nearest location.

Your formula scoop

You may have a kitchen drawer full of scoops and it’s always good to have some spares, but after a while you might build up quite a collection and wonder what to do with your infant formula scoops. The good news is your Nannycare formula scoop can be recycled. Made from polypropylene, you might notice Code 5 printed on every scoop which stands for Polypropylene. Most councils allow products with this code to go in your recycle bin. Polypropylene is a hard but flexible plastic used in products such as butter tubs, microwavable trays, yoghurt pots. If these products are allowed in your recycle bin, then you can include your scoops too.

Over to you…

Your Nannycare formula comes in the minimal amount of packaging that will ensure it goes from factory to shelf still in perfect condition. Recycling your empty tin is the final step.

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