Summer Bucket List Ideas for

babies & toddlers

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It can feel overwhelming to plan activities to do with babies and young children during the warmer months, there can be so much pressure to get out there and enjoy the sun. Summer opens up a whole world of family days so if you're feeling stuck for ideas we have put together a bucket list of our favourites. These are all very simple and achievable activities for babies and toddlers, even something as simple as having a picnic outside can make your week feel extra special.

Make seed bombs

These couldn't be easier to make, as all you need to do is mix together wildflower seeds or bee friendly seeds with soil and water. The consistency of the soil should be like damp mud, easy to squish ball into a ball shape. You just mix the seeds, soil and water together and then allow the balls to dry out before throwing them into your garden!

Visit a farm 

There's no better time than right now to visit a farm. Perhaps there is a local charity run city farm near where you live or if you're lucky enough to live in the countryside a visit to see sheep, cows, and of course goats!

Create a summer themed sensory tray 

Sensory fun is a wonderful activity for babies and toddlers alike. Simply fill a large tray with sensory items that have a connection to summer. Perhaps crinkly seed packets, watering cans, non toxic flowers, beach pebbles, and even garden soil if that's not too messy for you. Encourage your little ones to explore these items and have fun watching them learn.

Water Play

Safe and simple water-play on a sunny day can be as simple as a watering can and some pans from the kitchen cupboard. As you need to be ever present when around water its your turn to join in and get wet too!

Make summer scented play dough 

A lot of wonderful DIY play dough recipes to be found online but why not make yours summer themed? Adding in dried chamomile flowers or rose petals, and essential oils like geranium, roses and lavender will make for a wonderful sensory experience. There are plenty of taste safe recipes online if you would like to make this for older babies too. This DIY play dough is also a wonderful addition to add to a summer sensory tray. 

Visit your local National Trust or English Heritage site

There are wonderful National Trust and English Heritage sites all over the UK so you are bound to find your favourite one this summer. Take advantage of the warmer weather and head out to a local garden stately home or maybe even a Roman site. There is so much to be enjoyed and don't forget to stop off at the café for a well earned cup of tea as well.

Visit the library 

The prefect activity for a rainy day. If you haven't visited your local library in awhile we recommend that you do during this time of year as there are plenty of spring and summer themed books to be enjoyed. From non-fiction books about mini beasts and trees two beautiful fiction stories featuring springtime tales.

We really hope you enjoyed this list of ideas of how you can get up there and enjoy the summer without feeling overwhelmed. Just remember to put on lots of suncream and drink plenty of water!

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