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Are you excited for Easter? We just love this time of year, the lighter evenings and the spring bulbs popping up make everything so much brighter. It won’t be long until it’s time for Easter Egg hunts, seed planting and chocolate for breakfast! The Nannycare team also love to do a spot of crafting in spring, now that the dark dreary days are over it’s easier to find the energy and inspiration to get creative.

If you're looking for some activities to help welcome in Easter have a look at our favourite craft ideas that you can do with young children (or on your own if you want some precious me time!). Most of these ideas will need adult help but a lot of them make really great child led activities. 

Pressed flower sun catcher - Mud & Bloom
Sewn Bunny Pouches - Sostrene Grene

Pressed flower sun catcher

These pressed flower sun catchers look so pretty hung up in a window and they are a wonderful way to spend a calm afternoon with children. We found these at Mud and Bloom with all the instructions and liked this idea so much that over on the Nannycare Instagram I made a Reel about them. So make sure to head over to have a look how mine turned out.


Sewn bunny pouches

We love these from Sostrene Grene. To make this activity suitable for very young children simply punch holes around the outside of each pouch and encourage your child to use shoelaces or thick yarn for the “stitching”. A great way to improve their fine motor skills. If you're looking to create something very neat for your friends and family, a sewing machine could also be used.

Sweet Filled Daffodils - Prima
Nature Easter Eggs - Sprouting Wild Ones

Sweet-filled Easter daffodils

This is a really simple craft from Prima that can be completed in a matter of minutes. The perfect activity if you have a very young children whose attention spans don't last long! All you need is some paper and cupcake liners. Full instructions here

Nature decorated eggs

Kids who love a good explore outdoors will absolutely love to get involved with this activity. All you need is some cardboard cut into egg shapes and a good forage around the garden or local wood. Lots of things can be collected to decorate these sustainable decorations and young children will love to create pretty patterns on their eggs.

Pom Pom Easter Tree - The House that Lars Built
Pom Pom Easter Tree - The House that Lars Built

DIY Pom Pom Easter Egg Tree

Making pom-poms has to be one of the most satisfying and simple crafts out there. I haven't met anyone who doesn't enjoy this quick activity. You can match your pom-pom decorations to your home which will make the humble pom pom look a lot more considered, why not also make a garland? This craft is also a great one for young children to get involved with. Lars have all the instructions so get Pom Pom-ing!

Bunny Gift Bags - Domestically Blissful
Easter Egg Treasure Boxes - Little Gatherer

Bunny gift bags

These simple gift bags from Domestically Blissful are a lovely craft to get the family involved with. Each bunny gift bag can be personalised for the recipient, consider changing the ribbon colour and adding a name-tag to make these truly unique for each person. Simply fill each bag with treats and hand them out at your easter lunch. 

Easter Egg Treasure Boxes

This activity from Little Gatherer takes almost no prep so this is a fantastic option if you're on a time crunch. All you need to remember to do is to collect empty egg boxes before Easter. Either fill the egg boxes with treats yourself or you can encourage children to search for their own Easter gifts in a treasure hunt.

We really hope you enjoyed our selection of Easter crafts and activities, we think they’re all pretty darn cute.  Do let us know if you give any of these and try, we would love to hear which one is your favourite.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday and enjoy eating all those chocolates!

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